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Spee-Dee Delivery for the Upper Midwest

Spee-Dee Delivery is a regional carrier founded in 1978. As of 2015, Spee-Dee operates in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Illinois and Missouri. In Missouri, service coverage is limited to the St. Louis metro area and in North Dakota, coverage is available to selected zip codes. For shippers located in the Upper Midwest, Spee-Dee can be a viable alternative to national carriers while providing compatible services.

Spee-Dee offers two delivery services which are package and LTL shipping. For package delivery, the maximum weight is 150 pounds per package and shipping rate is calculated based on the weight of each package and shipping zone which is determined by orgin and destination zip codes. Heavy shipments weighing 200 pounds and greater are also possible with rates calculated based on consolidated shipment billable weight when certain criteria are met such as maximum and average package weight, package size, proper manifest, declared value, etc.

Delivery transit time depends on the shipping zone. Typically, time in transit is between 1 to 3 days. For example, the transit time is 1 day from Minneapolis to Chicago or Milwaukee.

One of the differences between Spee-Dee and other carriers is the absence of dimensional weight in calculating postage. Spee-Dee accepts package with length up to 10 feet and the maximum package size (length plus girth) is 170 inches. Oversize rates apply to package size measuring 130 to 170 inches and the oversize rate ranges from $35 to $55 depending on the zone. If the package weighs 100 pounds or less, the total postage is the same as the oversize rate. For package weighing over 100 pounds, the total postage is the oversize rate plus the normal rate calculated by the package weight.

To safeguard the value of your shipment, Spee-Dee includes package liability of up to $5000 per package. For package with declared value over $100, a surcharge of 70 cents is added for each additional $100 and the minimum fee is $2.10.

For your convenience, the SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator includes Spee-Dee Delivery Services as one of the multi-carrier options. Simply pass in the weight and dimensions of the merchandise in a sales order, the calculator will automatically figure out which boxes to use for packing and calculate shipping rates for your shipment when you have set up your packaging boxes and couriers in your SolvingMaze account.

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