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Save Shipping Costs with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate
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Not all courier delivery services are created equal. To maximize your savings on shipping costs as a retailer, you should always weigh the various shipping options available. One such option is USPS Priority Mail 2-DayTM Flat Rate delivery service. The savings can be enormous if you are shipping products which are relatively small and heavy such as books or health and beauty products. To illustrate the point, consider a shipment weighing 4 lbs from Los Angeles to New York. The published rates for various courier delivery services are:

Delivery Service Days in Transit Postage
UPS Ground 4 $21.53
FedEx Home Delivery 4 $18.79
USPS Priority Mail 2-DayTM (Custom Box) 2 $16.28
USPS Priority Mail 2-DayTM Large Flat Rate Box 2 $15.80
USPS Priority Mail 2-DayTM Medium Flat Rate Box 2 $11.30
USPS Priority Mail 2-DayTM Small Flat Rate Box 2 $5.25

To leverage the inexpensive USPS flat rate services, the shipment must utilize one of the flat rate boxes such as the large flat rate box which is available in 2 sizes, 23.7" x 11.75" x 3" or 12" x 12" x 5.5". Depending on which flat rate box you use, you can potentially save up to 76% compared to other courier delivery services. The heavier your shipment, the more you can save as long as it fits into one or more flat rate boxes. This makes USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate an appealing candidate in any retailer's choices of delivery methods.

The SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator has all the USPS flat rate boxes built-in for your convenience. All you need is to pass in the dimensions of your merchandise and the calculator will figure out which boxes or even flat rate envelopes to use for packing and shipping your customer orders so you may maximize your savings.

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