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Mobile App for Pickers and Packers
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With the SolvingMaze Pick and Pack mobile app, you can take your pick and pack operation to the next level!

With an Android phone or tablet, your picker knows precisely where to go to pick the next item, the quantity to pick, and which cart bins to put the items into. The app uses our Advanced Batch Pick technology to optimize pick batches based on warehouse layout so that the overall foot distance required for picking is reduced. Shorter pick paths and smarter pick batches mean faster pick time. In addition, the chance of picking errors is reduced by following the instructions from the app.

mobile app for picking

For packers responsible for collecting the picked items for each customer order and packing them into boxes, the app provides information on which pick batch to find the items and the quantity to collect. This speeds up the packing process and reduces the chance of errors.

mobile app for packing

For warehouse manager, the app offers a realtime overview of the pick and pack progress conveniently anywhere and anytime.

mobile app for warehouse operation manager

To get started, simply draw and upload your warehouse layout in Excel. When you are ready, upload the shipping orders to generate pick batches with one of the following options:

  • Submit a CSV file through our website
  • Upload using the Batch Pick API programmatically
  • Set up a link with SAP Business One to upload pick orders

Once the orders are uploaded, you can use mobile app to start picking and packing.

Ready to take our pick and pack process to the next level? Why not register for a free 30 day trial account today and see what our Advanced Pick and Pack software can do for you.

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