Pricing for API Web Services

Technology to accelerate order fulfillment for as low as $20.75 per month.

Flexible pricing and no hidden fees. Some example price plans are:

$20.75 / month
5,000 Monthly Calculations
1 Courier
10 Boxes
Overage Fee
$28.06 / month
5,000 Monthly Calculations
3 Couriers
10 Boxes
Overage Fee
$38.42 / month
10,000 Monthly Calculations
1 Courier
10 Boxes
0.9¢ Overage Fee

Create a price plan suitable for your needs:

Monthly Calculations:
Shipping Couriers:
Total Boxes:
Overage Fee:
Subscription Plan
$ 0.00 / month
Choose Any Couriers
UPS Package Rates check
FedEx Package Rates check
U.S. Postal Service Rates check
Custom Shipping Rates check
Features Included in All Price Plans
Separate Shipment by Product Category check
Courier Delivery Service Preferences check
Ship in Product Manufacturer Box check
Shipment with Multiple Packages check
Multiple Product Dimensions check
Dimensional Weight Pricing check
Product Void Space Filling check
Ship Separately Products check
Packing Box Preferences check
Product Prepackaging check
This-Side-Up Products check
Product Stacking check

For pallet and freight shipping, please contact us for pricing info.

All prices are in U.S. dollars. Price plan covers usage of the API web services for 1 online store and 1 warehouse, and excludes support and integration. Overage fee is charged for each additional calculation exceeding the monthly calculations covered by the subscription plan. All prices are 0% VAT. VAT applies whenever applicable.

Advanced Technology to Help You:
  • Maximize package density to save shipping costs
  • Pick and pack customer orders efficiently
  • Streamline quoting and shipping process
  • Ship cheaper with courier flat rate boxes
  • Look up multiple courier rates quickly
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