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Setting up a FedEx API Web Services Account
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FedEx Developer Resource Center is the entry point to register and manage your FedEx Web Services account. The site also provides free access to development tools, sample code and documentation, if needed. If you are registering for the first time, you should click the "Register Now" link and fill out your contact and login information on the registration page. Once you have registered, log in to FedEx Developer Resource Center and go to "Develop and Test" under the FedEx Web Services menu. Click the "Get your test key" button to request web services access credentials. Once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the Testing Agreement, you will receive:

  • Account Number
  • Authentication Key
  • Authentication Password
  • Meter Number

These credentials must be included whenever you access FedEx API Web Services programmatically. For example, if you would like to obtain real-time shipping rates, you must provide these credentials. Without the information, your API requests will be rejected.

Initially, you will be given test level access for testing purposes. To exploit the full functionality of FedEx API Web Services such as obtaining real-time shipping rates, you would need production level access. Thankfully, FedEx makes this relatively easy to do for their Rates API Web Services. Simply go to "Move to Production" under the FedEx Web Services menu and click the "Get Production Key" button. You will be required to fill in a short application profile form, sign the license agreement and enter your billing contact information. After completing the process you will receive a confirmation email from FedEx indicating that your credentials have been moved to production level and you are all set to go!


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