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Optimizing Shipping Rates in NetSuite
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NetSuite is a powerful comprehensive turn-key software solution for retailers who require a multifaceted tool to manage various operations and aspects of the business such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management system (WMS) and online retail shopping cart system. In this article, we explore how the SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator SuiteApp can enhance the NetSuite sales entry process to help you save shipping costs and quote more accurate shipping rates to customers.

Products are physical objects with different shapes and sizes. The SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator not only calculates shipping rates and packing requirements based on the weight of merchandise but also by their dimension. This gives you much more accurate shipping rates than relying on weight or volume alone which are prone to miscalculations. The calculator's unique ability to utilize dimension in calculating postage enables you to leverage free flat rate boxes offered by shipping carriers like USPS, FedEx and UPS for your packing and shipping needs. With our NetSuite SuiteApp, you can:

  • Manage shipment packing logic for better shipping rates.
  • Get real-time standard or negotiated shipping rates on sales order form.

By default, you can enter product weight for inventory items in NetSuite. Our SuiteApp expands that further with the capability to enter product dimensions, box and delivery preferences, void spaces, pre-packing, stacking and other packing rules on the inventory item page as shown in the screenshot below. This gives you precise control over how you would like to pack and ship the merchandise. For example, you may have delicate products which must be packed this-side-up, big unwieldy products which can be strapped for cheaper shipping, or small but heavy products which are cheaper to ship in flat rate envelopes or boxes.

NetSuite pack item shipments automatically

When it's time to enter sales orders, our SuiteApp can help you obtain real-time standard or negotiated FedEx, UPS, USPS and Spee-Dee shipping rates conveniently on the order entry form. The shipping rates are calculated by determining what the final package(s) dimension and weight will be when the order is placed and packed. As NetSuite supports multiple shipping routes (MSR), the rates are calculated and shown for each shipment group or origin-destination-shipping method combination as illustrated below.

NetSuite optmize shipping

Beyond the order entry process, our SuiteApp can also speed up order fulfillment by simplifying the packing process through automatic packages data entry and providing packing guidance information on packing slips for packers. Our goal is to help you increase productivity of your warehouse operation and we believe our Advanced Shipping Calculator SuiteApp can help you achieve that goal.

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