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Optimizing Shipment Packages in NetSuite
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NetSuite is a powerful comprehensive turn-key software solution for retailers who require a multifaceted tool to manage various operations and aspects of the business such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse management system (WMS) and online retail shopping cart system. In this article, we explore how the SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator SuiteApp can enhance the NetSuite WMS to help you save shipping cost and speed up order fulfillment.

One of the powerful features of NetSuite is the ability to track item shipments in stages using the Pick, Pack and Ship feature. The feature is enabled under the Transactions subtab at Setup > Company > Enable Features in your NetSuite system. Instead of processing shipments individually, you can process them in batches. The typical batch processing steps for pick, pack and ship are:

  • Print Picking Tickets
  • Select a batch of orders to be picked at Transactions > Management > Print Checks & Forms > Picking Tickets.
  • Mark Orders Picked
  • After the items are physically picked, create item shipments for the batch of sales orders and record the shipments as picked at Transactions > Sales > Fulfill Orders.
  • Optimize Packing Requirements
  • Calculate packing requirements for the batch of item shipments at Transactions > Sales > Auto-Pack Orders.
  • Print Packing Slips and Packing Instructions
  • Print packing information for the batch of item shipments at Transactions > Management > Print Checks & Forms > Packing Slips and Return Forms.
  • Mark Orders Packed
  • Once the shipments are physically packed, record the batch of item shipments as packed at Transactions > Sales > Mark Orders Packed.
  • Print Integrated Shipping Labels
  • Print shipping labels for the batch of item shipments at Transactions > Management > Print Checks & Forms > Integrated Shipping Labels.
  • Mark Orders Shipped
  • Once shipments are labelled and dispatched to couriers, record the batch of item shipments as shipped at Transactions > Sales > Mark Orders Shipped.

To those acquainted with the NetSuite pick, pack and ship process, the above steps should be familiar with the exception of step 3 - Optimize Packing Requirements. This new step is introduced by the SolvingMaze NetSuite SuiteApp bundle to create shipment packages automatically for item shipments. To initiate auto-pack, go to Transactions > Sales > Auto-Pack Orders. The process may take a few minutes to complete depending on the number of item shipments to be auto-packed. You can check the status of auto-pack requests at Transactions > Sales > Auto-Pack Orders as shown below.

NetSuite pack item shipments automatically

When the auto-pack request is completed, item shipment packages weight, dimension, insured value, packaging type and content will be filled in automatically for you. Automatic packages data entry simplifies order fulfillment process and reduces manual data entry errors. To check if item shipments have been auto-packed successfully, go to Transactions > Sales > Mark Orders Packed and check the Auto Packed and Error Message columns as shown below. If an item shipment failed to auto-pack as illustrated in the screenshot, you can correct the problem before repeating step 3 again.

NetSuite mark orders packed

The SolvingMaze Advanced Shipping Calculator NetSuite SuiteApp simplifies order fulfillment by packing orders faster, optimizing shipment packages and reducing manual data entry errors. It helps you increase productivity of your warehouse operation and scale up to peak seasonal demands without significant increase in operation costs.

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