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Would you like to speed up your warehouse picking process, reduce picking errors and allocate labor more efficiently? Our advanced pick and pack software can help you achieve these goals readily and economically.

Unlike typical software for warehouse picking, our software incorporates information about your physical warehouse layout in optimizing pick batches and planning pick paths. Pick orders are automatically and intelligently grouped into batches to minimize the total foot distance required for picking orders. With pick batches optimized, pick time is significantly reduced which translates to faster order fulfillment and higher productivity.

For big warehouses, our software provides navigational map to direct the pickers on where to go next and the shortest path to follow so they will never get lost. Since pick time and foot distance are highly correlated, by knowing in advance how much time is required for pick tasks, you can plan labor resources efficiently in anticipation of the workload.

The Advanced Pick and Pack software is available online so no software installation is required. You simply need to upload your shipping orders to generate pick batches and pick lists. There are 3 ways to import your shipping orders:

  • Submit a CSV file using our online menu.
  • Upload using the Batch Pick API
  • Retrieve pick orders from SAP Business One

Once you have drawn and uploaded your warehouse layout in Excel, you can optimize pick batches and your pickers can start picking items by following the pick list with guided visual navigation.

Ready to give our software a try without commitment? Why not register for a free 30 day trial account today and see what our Advanced Pick and Pack software can do for you.

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