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You acknowledge the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and Terms of Use (the “Terms”) by accessing, integrating or using the SolvingMaze Service as defined below. These Terms are between you and the organization on whose behalf you accept the terms (“you”, or “Customer”) and SolvingMaze (“us”) in regards to the services provided by SolvingMaze (“SolvingMaze Service”) and third-party vendors (“Third-Party Service”).


You shall not: (a) attempt to hack into or access any materials from the SolvingMaze Service platform without permission; (b) create a substitute or similar service through delegation to the SolvingMaze Service; (c) interfere or disrupt the SolvingMaze Service by overloading usage; and/or (d) engage in any conduct that negatively affects the reputation of SolvingMaze.


The SolvingMaze Service is provided as is without warranties. SolvingMaze does not guarantee that the SolvingMaze Service will be free from errors or failures. The SolvingMaze Service may be subject to outages due to maintenance or causes beyond our control. SolvingMaze may notify you of any event that is likely to cause a disruption to the SolvingMaze Service. SolvingMaze assumes no responsibility for the availability and quality of your site or application which are reliant on the SolvingMaze Service. The SolvingMaze Service may be terminated or modified at any time by SolvingMaze in its sole discretion without notice to you.


SolvingMaze is not under any circumstances liable to any indirect or direct damages of any kind caused by the usage of the SolvingMaze Service and Third-Party Service. Customer assumes sole responsibility of any business interruption, financial loss, or any other damages caused in whole or in part by SolvingMaze and third-party providers.


SolvingMaze reserves the right to terminate users whose actions are deemed as avoiding fees.


“SOLVINGMAZE”, “SOLVINGMAZE ADVANCED SHIPPING CALCULATOR” and logo are servicemarks or trade dress of SolvingMaze. No license is granted to you to use any servicemark or trade dress of SolvingMaze for any purpose.


SolvingMaze may disclose Customer's personally identifiable information whenever required by law. SolvingMaze also discloses personal information to service providers through the use of their data storage, hosting and computing facilities. All personal information are transferred and stored in the United States of America. When you accept our Terms of Service, you agree to such transfers and the terms outlined in our privacy policy.


You warrant and represent that all information provided by you to SolvingMaze in your registration for the use of the SolvingMaze Service is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you have full power and authority to enter into and perform your obligations under these Terms.

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