Pack and Quote Optimization

The Pack and Quote API is designed for software developers to integrate with shopping cart, WMS or ERP systems. It takes only 3 steps to set up to optimize packing lists and optional shipping rates.
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Features Included

warehouse   API Key
Each warehouse profile is assigned an API key for accessing the API web services programmatically. You can also assign an warehouse ID for additional security protection.
couriers   Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates
Define your own shipping rates or select from USPS, Spee-Dee, DHL, FedEx and UPS package shipping rates. You can also use the API to calculate packing list only without shipping rates.
access control   Access Control
Additional user accounts can be created to delegate warehouse configuration. Authorization and access to the system is easily configured anytime.
subscription   Flexible Pricing
Usage of the API is charged by monthly subscription. You can modify your subscription anytime to accommodate seasonal or growing needs of your retail and warehouse operation.learn more
boxes   Carrier Boxes
Select from a list of predefined envelopes and boxes offered by USPS, FedEx and UPS or enter your own box dimensions and weight restrictions for packing merchandise.
packer   Online Pack and Quote Tool
To expedite integration and testing, you can use the online calculator in your warehouse profile to familiarize with all the features the API has to offer without programming.
dashboard   Analytics Dashboard
The dashboard provides information on your API usage and historical pattern. You can also download the raw data for operational analysis offline with other applications.
dashboard   Shopify Ready
Connect with Shopify shopping cart to calculate shipping rates more accurately for different shipping carriers for your products.


knapp multiscan KNAPP MultiScan streamlines the measurement of product attributes such as dimensions and weight, seamlessly integrating with Shopify, WMS, and ERP systems for direct uploads. By eliminating manual measurement tasks, MultiScan enables swift adoption of SolvingMaze for packing and postage calculations from the get-go. For more information, contact us.

shopify Integration Ready


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