Warehouse Layout Optimization

Warehouse layout and item storage assignment are two of the biggest factors contributing to orders picking efficiency. Our Warehouse Layout Optimization software helps you find the optimal layout and item storage assignment by simulating order picking on historical data. Their optimization results in faster pick time and order fulfillment. Simulation helps you reach your decision quicker, cheaper and with more confidence by minimizing the need for physical implementation to test new layouts and product slotting ideas. The software is available online without installation or integration required.
warehouse layout optimization
Simply draw your warehouse layout in Excel and upload to the online software along with historical shipment orders containing line item quantity and stock location. The online software simulates the picking process to help you identify optimal warehouse floor plan such as location of storage racks, aisle widths, aisle traversal direction, product storage assignment, pick zone partitioning, and item storage assignment. You can also further streamline your day-to-day pick process with our Batch Picking software.

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Features Included

storage policy   Layout Optimization
Evaluate warehouse layouts by modeling the location of racks, aisles and depots online and simulating picking with historical shipment orders.
picker   Online Simulation Software
Run picking simulation online by uploading warehouse layouts, item storage assignments and historical shipment orders without programming required.
storage policy   Slot Optimization
Compare how different item storage assignments can affect pick time by simulating picking with historical shipment orders.
subscription   Flexible Pricing
Usage of online software is charged by monthly subscription. You can modify your subscription anytime to accommodate seasonal or growing needs of your business.learn more

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