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Application Programming Interface (API)
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API Web Services

The shipping calculator can be easily integrated to any shopping cart, WMS or ERP systems with any programming languages.

Calculate shipping rates
Pack and Quote API   (fee)
Calculate packing requirement and/or shipping rates for a shipment.
Manage product catalog
Manage Product Catalog API   (optional)
Upload product specifications to warehouse. Not required.
How to Integrate
You can use any programming languages to access the API web services using HTTP POST with input and output parameters in JSON format.
"warehouse": "My Warehouse"

"key": "My API Key"

"destination": {
     "post": "90210",
     "region": "CA",
     "city": "Beverly Hills",
     "country": "US",
     "residential": true

"items": [{
     "sku": "101",
     "name": "Toy",
     "qty": 2,
     "value": 40,
     "weight": 0.7,
     "weightUnit": "lb",
     "dimensionUnit": "in",
     "dimensions": [{
          "length": 6,
          "width": 2,
          "height": 2

"status": {
     "success": true

"services": [{
     "carrier": "USPS",
     "service": "Ground",
     "rate": 11.35,
     "currency": "USD",
     "status": {
     "packing": [{
          "container": "Box A",
          "weight": 3.2,
          "length": 11,
          "width": 8.5,
          "height": 5.5,
          "weightUnit": "lb",
          "dimensionUnit": "in",
          "value": 40,
          "items": [{
               "sku": 101,
               "name": "Toy",
               "qty": 2